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Cocktails & Events

Vintage Cocktails with a Modern Flare

Full service Cocktail Catering specializing in Pre-Prohibition Vintage Cocktails and a Roaring-Twenties ambiance. No matter your event: wedding, street fair, music festival; we can bring that extra dose of glamour to make your night unforgettable. 


Sauvignon Bombshell


Michelle is a highly trained Mixologist and Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. She has been active in the Wine and Spirits Industry for over ten years, moving from server, to bartender, to Beverage Manager and beyond. She found a special passion in creating unique, vintage-styled cocktails with organic and sustainable ingredients -- many grown right in her own garden. She found in them a sense of classic glamour, something that seems almost lost in our time.

Throughout her career, Michelle has loved planning events for her businesses. Planning everything from serious Wine Education events to grand Holiday parties, she's found she has a taste for the dramatic.

Michelle shows a commitment to artistry and passion to every event she plans, and every drink she makes. She brings it to all of the little moments that are worth remembering. Glamour and Love, it's her way. It's the Ambrosia way. 

"Love isn't an emotion or an instinct. It's an art."

- Mae West


Pre-Prohibition Vintage Cocktails

Somewhere along the line we lost our appreciation for the intricate, the glamorous. We found ourselves content with Rum & Cokes and Vodka Sodas. At Ambrosia, we believe that every moment is a work of art, something special and unique, something to be remembered.


Why should the drink in your hand be anything else?


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