About  Ambrosia

We are TIPS and ServSafe certified as well as insured with liquor liability insurance to ensure that the most memorable events are also the safest.

Ambrosia was born from the idea that a glass should always be glamorous, and a party should never be forgetful. Whether it's a wedding shower or a street faire, everyone deserves a beautiful day and a gorgeous drink.

Specializing in pre-Prohibition vintage cocktails with a Roaring Twenties ambiance, Ambrosia strives to create the perfect drink for your perfect night. We use our skills to fit any occasion, so if you want a jungle themed rock'n'roll birthday party, we still have you covered. We conduct a one-on-one complimentary consultation with each of our customers to ensure you can drink exactly what you're dreaming of, no matter how unique that might be.


We employ knowledgeable and artistic bartenders who really know how to put the flair into the glass. From an Old Fashioned to a Flaming Lemon Meringue Rum Punch, you can be sure that every cocktail will be top-notch and memorable. 

To ensure that we have the perfect fit for every party, we have two different sized outdoor canopy tents: 5x5" for low maintenance party bar, and a 10x10"  truly "come hither" party tent that's able to fit a small number of guests inside. Both are equipped with all the elaborate trappings of a seductive 1920's speakeasy and are customizable to fit any type of party, not just a Gatsby Gala.

At Ambrosia, we believe that craft cocktails are a vital part of history that harkens back to a time when parties were an art form and people truly took their time to enjoy a well-made cocktail. Somewhere along the line, we lost track of the pleasure of the drink, and began to focus more on the expediency of a modern lifestyle. That is not the way Ambrosia does things. Glamour and Love do not come easy, but they certainly make for a delicious night. 

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